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Our  way of working

Von A bis Z

Office Work

First contact

Create inventory,  Customer requests and  current electricity costs

When visiting your company, we make an inventory of the rooms that you want to improve the lighting.

All current lights are recorded, as well as the floor plan (if required) of the room.

With this information, we make a light simulation and - plan and deliver a proposal and offer for the replacement of the traditional lights.

Coworkers plan work

Lighting plan and offer

Light simulation and proposal for the replacement of the lights

Depending on the type of work and the customer's needs  a lighting plan is created.


From the approved lighting plan, we propose particular LED lighting. With that, we create an offer listing the costs, electricity cost reduction and the return of investment. 

Shaking Hands

Project process and handover

Exchange of traditional lights

After agreement with the customer, the traditional lights will be replaced by the proposed LED lights and the old lights will be disposed of by us.

This gives the customer a new, optimized lighting AND high savings!

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