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Exchange or new installation - from A to Z

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iQuelle Hallenleuchte - UGR19-02.png

At  Stappert Germany (branches Bönen and Niederaula) we have installed various LED lights  to replace the traditional lights.

The High bay LED lights offered are characterised by a high efficacy light output (160 lumen/W), low glare (UGR <19),  high quality LED chips (Nichia Japan) and LED drivers (Meanwell) and a well thought through design for the cooling of the luminaire.

In various halls and storage rooms, as well as outside areas, the offered LED lights have achieved electricity savings of 60-70%. 

iQuelle lineare Hallenleuchte.png
iQuelle Hallenleuchte - Acryl-02.png
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iQuelle Strahler auf Masten.png

"We already had three different offers, but then decided to choose BNR Products (sister company of iQuelle). The offer was very clear, the competence very high and the proposal easy to understand. Ultimately, the prices were better too. We are super satisfied and  we have made the right choice!  Our sister company in France (Stappert France) was also very impressed with our new lighting and has also chosen BNR Products for lighting replacement. They too are super satisfied! "

BNR Products - Lichtsimulatie 01.jpg

"It was very important for us to get enough light when exchanging our traditional lights by LED lights. We were convinced by means of the different light simulations and we have chosen the right company.  The light is really great! There used to be far too little light in our warehouse. Thanks to the use of special lenses in the LED lighting that bend the light, we now have excellent lighting in our shelves."

BASF Antwerp has our LED lighting for indoor and outdoor spaces. High quality chosen at very competitive prices.

BASF Antwerpen

Stappert Noxon bv - logo.jpg

Because you  was impressed by the lighting at the  Sister company Noxon Stappert in Holland, Stappert France also asked us for a lighting plan and we have also implemented our high quality LED lighting in their warehouse and production halls.

Stappert France

BNR Products - Thomas More college.jpg

"We use  for several years  LED panels and LED tubes from BNR Products. After various tests, we decided on the LED products from BNR Products. We, the students and teachers  are very happy with the lighting. "

Thomas More - largest university of applied sciences in Flanders - Belgium

An excerpt of our customers

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