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Better and more evenly distributed light

Our solutions

We offer high quality LED lights for industry, warehouses, outdoor areas, offices and  Educational institutions.

Hallenbeleuchtung - Nichia Japan LED - Meanwell Treiber
iQuelle Hallenbeleuchtung - Funksteuerung mittels Zigbee
iQuelle Hallenbeleuchtung - Funksteuerung mittels Zigbee
iQuelle Hallenleuchte - Acryl-02.png

LED lighting for halls - High Bay lighting

Our top model industrial LED lighting uses only higher quality parts.  

Nichia Japan LED chips,  MEANWELL LED driver together with a good thought through design for optimal heat dissipation, result in one of the best LED High bay in the market.


With various lenses and control options (DALI, Zigbee, 1-10V), it is possible to further optimise the lighting.

LED lighting for Warehouses

In warehouses with tall shelves, the shelves actually block the light.

Our LED lighting solutions for warehouses have special elliptical lenses. This brings the light into the aisles and on the shelves.

Light simulations make it clear how much light comes into the aisles and how much comes into the shelves.

LED lighting for the outside area

Good lighting for the outside area

LED spotlights / floodlights / floodlights for industrial outdoor areas.  


The special lenses  ensure that the light shines on the right place!

Lighting for offices and educational institutions

No blinding light, even light distribution and high efficacy

When switching from fluorescent lamps to LEDs, no glare and even light distribution are very important.

Our LED panels have a very low glare (up to UGR <16), distribute the light optimally  and have a very high efficacy of 130lm / W.

One  Standard fluorescent fitting  of 4 x 18W fluorescent tubes is replaced by a high-quality LED panel of 25W. A  saving of 65%

Replacement of fluorescent tubes by LED tubes

Industrial LED tubes

No standard LED tube, but high quality tubes that are characterized by good heat dissipation, effectiveness and light distribution.

 Available are 130lumen/Watt LED tubes, as well as LED tubes with a very high efficacy of up to 180 lumen/Watt


That means less consumption for the same amount of light, or with the same consumption a higher amount of light.

Available in T8 (G13) and T5 (G5) tubes.

TÜV / VDE tested.

T8 - G13 LED Rohr - industrielle qualität
T8 - G13 LED Rohr - 175lumen/W
T5 - G5 LED Rohr - industrielle qualität
LED Rohr
LED Rohr 1-10V dimbar
LED Rohr DALI Steuerung

Exchange of mercury (HQL) and sodium vapor lamps

Halls, streets, parking lots and building lighting

Since April 13, 2015, mercury vapor lamps (HQL lamps) and low-pressure sodium lamps are no longer allowed to be put into circulation.

Our high quality LED lighting with different light beam angles enables an exchange for street lighting, parking lot  and building lighting and offer high savings.

With our LED replacement lamps, you can continue to use your existing fittings  and replace the old HQL lamp  against an LED lamp (mostly with E40 lamp base).

We recommend bridging / disconnecting the existing ballast.

LED Lampe - HQL Ersatz
iQuelle - Austausch Gasdampflampen E40.p
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